Conte To Get The Boot? Chelsea Moving In For German Mastermind

Well, every club has their own policy, a pattern to go through things. When Chelsea was taken over by Roman Abramovich in 2004, it was a clear indication of the ambition of the club and the owner. With his influx of cash into the squad, Abramovich’s intent was to turn Chelsea into an English and European superpower. Since then, Chelsea have been able to challenge and win titles regularly, whilst enriching their European status by winning the Champions League in 2012.

However, if there has been one persistent thing with the club, then it has to be the ‘revolving door’ policy instilled by the higher echelons of the hierarchy. The owner hardly gives any manager time to build his squad properly. Abramovich has always demanded instant and consistent results from his managers. He builds a pressure on the gaffer and that often brings out both the best and worst sides of any manager.

Jose Mourinho was one such person who thrived upon the pressure that came with the Chelsea job. He won two back-to-back titles in his first two seasons in England, whilst also winning the third one upon his return to London. However, he was sacked right after the title-winning campaign of 2014/15. Antonio Conte’s case seems to be similar too. The Italian cruised to the title with his tactical acumen in the first season. However, the poor title challenge this time around seems to have put his career in jeopardy.

Chelsea have been terribly inconsistent this season, and fear losing out on a top-four finish too. Hence, it is almost written on the walls that he will depart from London this summer, and the club will look forward to a fresh face to lead them next season. Thomas Tuchel has been touted to manage Arsenal, but recent reports have linked him to rather lead Chelsea come next season.

Tuchel had a rather decent spell at Borussia Dortmund and will look to enhance his reputation as a manager once he takes over another club. Tuchel has always been considered a contemporary manager, who thrives on playing attacking football whilst staying solid defensively too. His teams are known to build the play from midfield, and he always keeps someone to recycle the possession of the ball constantly.

Tuchel likes to build up the play from the back and offers the fan a free-flowing attacking football. There are certain glitches that would be highlighted. It remains to be seen whether he copes up properly with the pressure of the Chelsea job. His handling of star players would be under scanner too and hence there are numerous off-field aspects of his management that will come into play in London. What do you think; is he the right man to take over Stamford Bridge?

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