We focus on one thing only – quality. You can share your viewpoint which might very well be against the general consensus. And we encourage having differing viewpoints.

But we expect you to fact check before basing any arguments.

Unlike a lot of other websites, MAEPL does not encourage click bait just for the sake of reads.

We can ensure a platform which will not only reach out to a lot of people but we also aim to provide recognition to our writers along with our website.


We have a strict policy on plagiarism. We trust your ability and expect you to come up with unique content. Every article will be put through a plagiarism checker and if the article is found to be copied, you will be banned from writing for the website and your contract will be terminated.

Also note that plagiarism can be made in terms of style as well. Even if an article is unique in terms of content but has the same structure as any other piece, it is categorised under plagiarism. Please don’t be callous, if you need more time to write an article uniquely, let us know.

Back linking

  • You will be required to backlink any claim you make in your article (Source of Transfers and Transfer Rumours, Quotes, Player Transfer Fees etc).
  • Stats courtesy needs to be mentioned and the source, Squawka, Opta or Whoscored, need to be back linked.

SEO related guidelines

Your article will have one keyword based on the topic. You’re supposed to mention the key word once each in the first two paragraphs, in the title and preferably in the sub-heading which is compulsory in every article. The sub-heading should be selected as H3.

British English

We expect you to use UK English. Please set your word document to UK English before you start typing.