A Complete Analysis Of Manchester United’s Draw Vs Hull City

Manchester United failed to capitalise on the top teams dropping points. They decided to do the very same by dropping points themselves. The football displayed was probably one of the worst in recent times (by United i.e.). United had their ups and downs in the game but it wasn’t enough to get past a resolute Hull City.



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United’s team looked powerful enough to walk away with a win. Unfortunately, this was not the case. In all honesty, I would prefer Martial over Rashford against an opponent like Hull because pace can break handle defence better.

Lack of fluidity

United looked completely lost especially in the first half. Rashford playing wide helped with pace but a player who likes striking the ball more than passing doesn’t really help SildBerlin the team. It would’ve been better to see Shaw instead of Blind because Hull had played narrow with a solid rigidity in the team. Their 4-1-4-1 ensured that United wouldn’t be able to break through the middle which brings us to the horrible imbalance on the wings. Mkhitaryan playing narrow left Valencia as the sole wing warrior to no avail.

Mkhitaryan’s worst game

This is probably the worst performance from the Armenian since his ‘revival’ at United. His movements weren’t in coordination with Valencia and were mostly central. His passing was mostly sideways and contribution to creating anything was nil. This was what United suffered from and as a result, the attack was completely toothless. The inclusion of Mata later proves my point.


Mkhitaryan’s passing | Source: – Squawka

As shown, his passes had absolutely nothing to offer. The sideways passes were the only successful ones while anything attempting to break the defence in the final third broke. Sure, he’ll have a better game next time around but consistency in necessary.

Carrick and Rooney were both shambolic

Wayne Rooney's movements | Souce: - squawka

Wayne Rooney’s movements | Souce: – squawka

Michael Carrick had a silent game. His passes failed to trouble Hull and Rooney was brought on to supposedly have an extra hand in going forward. Rooney having the number 10 role didn’t help. Rooney’s ‘tour of the stadium’ was making the substitution look even more pointless. United would’ve had better chances if they brought on Martial with three at the back like they did the one time before.

Jakupovic heroics

It’s becoming a trend for goalkeepers to show their heroics at Old Trafford. It can be brought down to United’s finishing but the keeper was the hero for the Hull City side that did very well until the end to hold down United.

Jakupovic saved Hull including a brilliant Juan Mata attempt | Source; Squawka

Jakupovic saved Hull including a brilliant Juan Mata attempt | Source; Squawka

United must also thank their stars for Hernandez’s fumble with an easy break in the end. Markovic’s shot hitting the post prevented a ‘sudden death’ to top off a horrific night for the Red Devils.


While Jose Mourinho has done some great substitutions week in week out, this game was one to forget. The tinkerer has been undone in this game but this should be a wake-up call. Europa will become a dearer tournament the more United miss out on capitalising on the top 5 dropping points.

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