Juventus to offer duo for Manchester United star: A good deal for the Red Devils?

Juventus have put a lucrative offer on the table for Manchester United star Paul Pogba, and it could be a hard one for the Red Devils to reject.

According to the Daily Express, Juve are offering the duo of Paulo Dybala and Alex Sandro in a bid to lure Pogba back to the Allianz stadium.

The Frenchman had another difficult season at Old Trafford, and has flirted with the possibility of moving away from the club.

Earlier in the season, Pogba fell out with Jose Mourinho, with the Portuguese manager eventually getting the sack before Christmas.

The new appointment in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer helped the 26-year-old regain some form, but the last two months turned out to be similar or even worse when compared to the spell under Mourinho.

Dybala and Sandro for Pogba: An exciting yet risky deal

Paul Pogba, Alex Sandro and Paulo Dybala – the trio have proven their mettle in world football and can’t be doubted when it comes to individual quality. But things are much more complicated on a football pitch where you need personality and cohesion in a team over individual quality at times, and the trio has failed to deliver consistently.

Pogba hasn’t replicated his Juventus form at Manchester United, and has found a lot of criticism thrown at him for his carefree approach at times this season. While some blame the Frenchman, others blame the teammates around him who aren’t as good as him.

Jesse Lingard, Romelu Lukaku and Luke Shaw, with the latter being voted Manchester United’s player of the year, have been sub-par, to say the least. The addition of Dybala and Alex Sandro would add some much-needed freshness to the squad, but might or it might not solve the problems on the pitch.

Sandro at left-back spot provides more assurances even though he has seen a dip from his usual form. Dybala is unstoppable on his day, but his form has taken a  nosedive at Juventus this season as he has managed just six goals in 30 Serie A games.

The 25-year-old matches Pogba in this regard where can he be extremely good on his day, but could be an utter liability when things aren’t going his way. However, with the departure of Ander Herrera, letting Pogba go doesn’t seem like the best of decisions.

However, Red Devils have lacked capable individuals on the right-wing and the left-back spot, and bringing the Turin duo could be the step in the right direction, provided the club also invest in signing a new midfielder who can control the tempo of games.

Solskjaer has laid down plans for a new era at Old Trafford, and it will interesting to see which players get to be the part of his reign at Manchester United in the upcoming season.

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