Liverpool And Tottenham Hotspur Stars Feature In Top 3 Attackers Of The Season

Manchester City clinched the Premier League title in an entirely convincing fashion as Pep Guardiola’s team endured just two defeats throughout the course of the season. However, when it comes to an individual perspective, this Premier League season saw many forwards notch consistent performances.

Jamie Vardy from Leicester City sits in the fourth position in the top goal scorers’ chart despite the fact that the Foxes were utterly inconsistent in the season. Romelu Lukaku made a huge switch in his playing career by moving to Manchester United last summer.

The Belgian had a drab period midway through the season, but one could see numerous tweaks and improvements in his overall playing style too. However, there have been certain standout forwards who have consistently delivered with good performances and these players have become the fulcrum of the entire playing XI too.

  1. Roberto Firmino:

The Brazilian forward has always been seen as an attacking midfielder rather than a pure out and out striker. Ahead of the current season, Liverpool already had Daniel Sturridge in the squad and hence Firmino was touted to be more of a backup rather than the main man.

However, Jurgen Klopp’s system demands a selfless fulcrum point of the team, someone who would drop down a line at times to orchestrate or create attacking moves from the central position. With Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah flanking him on either side, Firmino took up the anchor role and played it to perfection as his flair, creativity and tenacity helped Klopp implement the high-pressing system to perfection.

Moreover, Firmino is the first line of defence for Liverpool as his first instinct after the losing the ball is to chase the opposition player and to win the ball back again. He played in 37 matches this season and scored fifteen goals whilst having assisted seven times too. However, his overall play that brought an extra dimension to Liverpool’s style of play propels him to the third place in this list.

  1. Harry Kane:

Mauricio Pochettino certainly does not appreciate anyone calling his Spurs’ side a ‘Harry Kane team’. However, the truth cannot differ much, to be honest. Kane is undoubtedly the main man at Tottenham, the player who lifts everyone up with his undying spirit and passion for the game.

The confidence that the Englishman exudes is unparalleled and unrivalled amongst the English footballers. His presence is entirely crucial for Tottenham’s fortunes on the field as Kane encourages the other midfielders to feed him with constant deliveries into the box. Kane has capped off an excellent season on a personal level yet again as the striker scored 30 goals in 37 Premier League appearances.

His technique seems to be improving every season and Kane’s strong mentality will help him ward off challenges regularly. Tottenham tick when Kane ticks; as simple as that. One could easily sense his absence from the side as the whole team seems to have lost their ultimate fulcrum point at times. However, Kane’s determination towards his fitness, also his astute finishing skills and the ability to lift the team up from testing periods make him the perfect player to secure the second position in this list.

  1. Mohammed Salah:

No one would have predicted at the start of the season that a new foreign recruit would go on to enjoy such an unparalleled run of success on the individual front. Salah has seamlessly fitted into Liverpool’s system and has excelled whilst playing as a right-winger in the front three.

His searing pace makes him threatening during counter-attacks. However, the player’s mazy footwork and a deft close control help him make his way out of crowded or cramped spaces. Salah has been a clinical finisher, as he has scored an astounding 32 league goals in 38 appearances this season. However, he is a team-player too and the Egyptian has played an assist in ten other goals too.

His impact has been almost immediate as Liverpool suddenly possess the best forward in England and are challenging to win the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid. His performances helped him win the PFA Player of the Season and FWA Footballer of the Year awards too.

The timing of Salah’s impact at Liverpool has been perfect too as the winger has lifted a mediocre looking side to greater heights within the course of one season. Mo Salah undoubtedly has been the best forward in the English top-flight this season.

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