West Ham United Considering Move For This Arsenal Star: Can Moyes Pull This Off?

Transfer Story

Jack Wilshere is a man who divides opinion at Arsenal. The incredibly talented midfielder has been troubled by injuries all through his career which has stopped his growth as a footballer, as well as the world-beater that he was once destined to become.

Wilshere made his first Premier League start for Arsenal after around five hundred days against West Ham United and showed what he is capable of doing. On a night when other players failed to create any kind of impact on the game, Wilshere played on another level and was certainly the best player on the pitch.

However, as Wenger has been non-committal about his future at the club, other Premier League clubs are understandably interested in him. Most notably, Moyes has accepted that Wilshere is a player he would be interested in signing come January.

The Entire Picture

The Hammers have somewhat steadied under David Moyes and have started to put together some credible performances at a stretch. Moyes has focused on building a strong defensive shape for the team but as time progresses; he is looking to add to the creative aspect of the team.

Manuel Lanzini is the only player in the current squad who can influence the play from the centre of the park for the Hammers. Wilshere’s introduction will add an entirely new dimension to the team.

Wilshere is capable of playing both as a defensive as well as an attacking midfielder. His passing ability is impeccable and he has already recorded 87.2% pass success rate in his fourteen appearances for the Gunners this season. He possesses good vision, can pick out accurate passes between the lines and loves to go ahead to participate in attacks.

His skills on the ball are a treat to watch as he can dribble past players with ease and do so in tight spaces. Wilshere can influence the game from the centre and dictate the tempo of the game.  In the Europa League, where he has featured majorly this season, he has successfully dribbled the ball an average 4.7 times per game.

Such is his ability that if (actually, it should be a big IF) he manages to stay fit for the entire duration of the season, Wilshere can prove to be the catalyst for his team’s success.

A Step-Down?

Jack Wilshere has worked hard on his fitness, while patiently waiting for his chance at Arsenal this season. He has grown up at the club and shares a strong bond with the ethos and what the club stands for.

As the Gunners are going through a rough period while solving the contract issues of their main men Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, Wilshere can be very important to the team. Sanchez and Ozil look set to leave within the span of the next six months and this will be the perfect opportunity for Jack Wilshere to cement his place in the team.

He has been vying for a starting spot for long and now as the right time is arriving; it would be a big step down if he accepts a move to West Ham. Though the Hammers would be greatly benefitted by this deal, the player and his current club need each other now and hence this deal might eventually not take place.

November 21 here, so the penis becomes firm.

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