Vital Talking Points From Arsenal’s 4-1 Win Over Sunderland: Are The Gunners The Potential Champions?

Sunderland have now officially registered their worst start to a Premier League season and the 1-4 loss to Arsenal sees them on 2 points from the opening 10 games of the season. After years of relegation dogfights, it seems the Sunderland fans have to pay the price for an indecisive board who have messed up big time.

On the other hand, Arsenal are now tied on points with Manchester City and Liverpool and are exuding the traits of, dare we say potential champions. The match certainly increased the creases on David Moyes’s forehead while the fighting spirit and the eventual dominant nature of the win would have only helped strengthen Wenger’s belief in his methods.

With the match done and dusted, let’s take a brief look at the main talking points from the game.


We all know the tried and tested path of an Arsenal season and the frustration which comes along with it for the fans. But in all probability, this is a season in which logic and circumstances are aligning themselves to nudge towards a serious Arsenal title charge. A set team, an even settled manager, steel in midfield, balanced defence and options in attack. Seldom have all these factors come together in a single season for the Gunners. And to add sheen to the possibility, other than Liverpool there are various question marks over the other traditional challengers. With the latest win over Sunderland, things are certainly on a roll for The Wenger Boys.


Sunderland had made it a habit of being embroiled in tense and nerve wrecking endings to a season and seeing them outside the bottom 3 before the final couple of game-weeks was considered an aberration. But when Moyes came in, he promised change.

But to the dismay of the supporters, it looks like he will stick to his promise of change, albeit in a totally opposite manner to which people would have expected. Nevertheless, there are 28 matches still to go but an honest assessment of the affairs of the club right now will point to their luck finally running out.


The much maligned French striker returned to action in an emphatic fashion scoring twice off his first two touches after coming on as a substitute. Wenger has preferred Alexis Sanchez as the lone forward with the Chilean’s movement opening up spaces for the other midfielders to run into the box and unsettle the opposition defence. But Giroud showed the advantage of having him in the scheme of things. It will be upon Wenger to solve this dilemma and we have to look forward to seeing how the experienced Frenchman solves this particular conundrum.


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