5 Things We Will Miss With The End Of Arsene Wenger’s 22-Year Reign At Arsenal

A declining run of form in the Premier League over the last couple of seasons has seen Arsene Wenger call it quits on his time at Arsenal. In his 22 years at the club, the French mastermind has given some memorable moments for the fans and neutrals alike and the English top flight will never be the same without the 68-year old and his antics on the touchline.

Arsenal may struggle to reach such heights any time soon but they will also miss a lot of other things, that have been taken for granted over the last couple of decades. Here are five such things that we will miss, with Arsene quitting Arsenal:

The Mourinho-Nemesis:

The current Manchester United boss, Mourinho is sometimes a bit arrogant and can get under the skin of even the best coaches in the world. He had a knack for demeaning Wenger and even went on to call him ‘a specialist in failure’ at one point. But Wenger has always risen up and stood for himself, providing the fans with some entertainment off the field. But with Wenger gone, Mourinho will now have no nemesis to call upon when he needs a release and surely, the spat between the two will be missed for years to come.

Wenger’s Insight:

At 68, the Frenchman is easily one of the most experienced coaches around in world football at the moment. His view of the game and his ability to make the common man understand the intricate model that he prefers has always been a trademark of Wenger. In every press conference, he imparts wisdom that even the best managers at the moment can learn from.

His Humour:

Though not one to come out with a joke book, Wenger is a smart professional, who does not give up a chance to crack a joke. All those years ago, he started with “I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep,” and has carried it to even his latest interview, where he spoke about life after Arsenal. His quick wit will surely be missed by the fans and the media the most.

Wenger And His ‘Zip-Coat’:

No sporting personality has made a casual winter coat as famous as Wenger has done to his infamous zip-coat. Seen struggling to zip it up on more than a couple of occasions, Wenger’s coat slowly became a point of conversation every winter, so much so that it is regarded as an indicator of Britain’s weather. Surely, the coat, its folds and Wenger’s struggles will be missed on the touchline.

His Footballing Philosophy:

A manager who believes in potential and giving an opportunity to such potential, Wenger has a unique footballing philosophy, that has attracted the best players in Europe to Arsenal. His sides play some scintillating football when at their best, which is just a treat to watch and without Wenger, the Premier League certainly loses a bit of its flair. Surely, Wenger and his philosophy of the game will be dearly missed.

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