Twitter Reacts As Liverpool Finally Sell Coutinho To Barcelona For Club Record Fee

So, here we are ladies and gentlemen!

One of the most anticipated and impending transfer officially took place yesterday when FC Barcelona revealed that Liverpool’s playmaker Philippe Coutinho has joined them for a club record fee. Coutinho’s transfer saga has been going on since the last window, as the Brazilian has been quite adamant to complete his switch to the Blaugrana.

Apparently, last summer, Coutinho had submitted a transfer request to the club’s owners and hence had made his intentions clear. Naturally, a move away from Merseyside was quite expected but the fact that it happened in January has surely raised some eyebrows.

Coutinho will be unable to play in the Champions League for Barcelona as he has already represented Liverpool in that competition. The Brazilian’s transfer is an after effect of Neymar’s move to PSG in the summer.

The departure of Neymar had left a huge void in Barcelona’s squad and Ernesto Valverde, along with the club’s board tried their best to land the former Inter Milan man at Camp Nou. However, Liverpool did not budge and Jurgen Klopp maintained it time and again that Coutinho was not for sale.

Money was a crucial factor in the deal too, as the Reds had already rejected four bids for their playmaker. The player attracted a lot of attention by making his intentions known to all. He was excited about the prospect of playing with players such as Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Coutinho has always been touted as the potential successor to Andres Iniesta. At the age of 25, he certainly does seem to have the potential and talent to make these predictions turn true.

The transfer to Barcelona now makes Philippe Coutinho the second most expensive player of all time. The deal has cost Barcelona a mighty 142 million euros with substantial add-ons regarding certain achievements.

Above everything else, the deal comes as a great sense of relief to Barcelona, after their failure in the transfer window last time around. Let us see how Twitter reacted to the major move yesterday:

Let us start with the fans who were unhappy with Coutinho’s decision…You may ask why? Well, Torres, Suarez, now Coutinho…they deserve to be disgruntled, eh!?

Well, the past does come back to haunt you. So, some fans were kind enough to remind Coutinho of his words when he signed a contract extension for Liverpool.

Liverpool will now have to undergo the test of Champions League football sans the little magician. However, quite a few people have kept their hopes high. Yeah, you are right. They have more faith on their team than even Jurgen Klopp!

Remember when I said that this transfer saga has been going on for far too long? Well, here’s the pictorial description to prove my point…

Some people really took offence. Trust me, THEY REALLY DID

Brazilian players have not always had a great time in the EPL. However, Coutinho was an exception. The other player was…

How must Jurgen Klopp be feeling after letting go of his most talented player? Here’s a glimpse.

Overall, it was just the instinctive reaction of fans who are disheartened to see probably their best player leave the club. However, Coutinho had always wanted this deal to take place and still did not compromise on his professionalism by delivering excellent performances for Liverpool in the first half of the season.

We wish the player and Barcelona good luck going ahead. Well for Liverpool, they have the cash to enjoy!

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