Twitter Reacts As Manchester United Come Back To Salvage A Point Against Burnley

Boxing Day was hardly a festive occasion for fans inside Old Trafford and it has been the entire overview of the festive season so far.

Manchester United dropped two points, or rather, let us say that they scrapped their way to get one in the game at Old Trafford. Sean Dyche’s men wrecked absolute havoc as they lead 2-0 over Manchester United at half-time.

Jose will be forced to take his hairdryer out soon and would need to go back to the drawing board too. With Manchester City looking far out of reach currently, Mourinho’s side is now in a competition with Chelsea for the second spot.

It needed an impactful cameo from Jesse Lingard to help United out to gain a draw in this match. And Twitter did not fail to add salt to United’s wounds:

Jose isn’t particularly known to give the opposition big leads in the game. So, it was imperative that the people decided to take a sly dig there too…

Paul Pogba had quite a good game. He constantly won the ball back and made some incisive passes forward. But, there was no assist, neither a stunner to show off for and how can Twitter let that go?

The Red Devils, however, did not fail to thank an imperious looking Jesse Lingard today. Also, just ping me at @jha_tarkesh if you understand how he finished the first goal…

The fans had a mixed opinion after the game finished. Some were happy that their team at least salvaged a point; the other, however, were calling out for major improvements in the style of play

However, there was someone in the wild who decided to analyze Burnley’s situation too!

And, who better than David de Gea to end this particular piece with!

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