Manchester United Keen To Sign This English Sensation: Why It Will Be A Welcome Move

Transfer Story:

Remember the good ol’ days when we went gaga over Manchester United signing Anthony Martial for 37.2 million pounds?

Well, we need to stop doing that because things have changed pretty rapidly in European football over the past year or so. The emergence of excellent prospects like Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele and other starlets has forced the big clubs to change their stance on younger talents.

So, with Jose Mourinho constantly thinking about what he needs to change in order to bring in some more consistency for Manchester United, Ed Woodward has already looked around a bit.

Surprisingly, this time the Red Devils aren’t even searching outside their country.

The Championship has been a good platform for players to make a name for themselves in the past. More importantly, younger domestic players love it just because of the sheer match practice that they get while playing in it.

And according to a report, Manchester United have set their sights on one of the most talked about and explosive potential there is in England, Ryan Sessegnon.

Sessegnon, Who?

The 17-year old is a left-sided player; player, I mention, because he is capable of playing anywhere on the left flank.

Fulham have deployed him as the left back usually but Sessegnon has flourished while playing further up the field too. He is extremely attack-minded and has one hell of a left foot.

Sessegnon likes to tackle the opposition and his maturity while doing it is quite visible. Despite his tendency to win the ball back by physically imposing himself on the opposition, the lad has been booked just twice in the Championship. That comes after featuring in as many as 21 games for Fulham.

Ryan likes to use his pace to outrun the men on the flank and charge into the opposition half. The youngster can track back on time, so Jose need not worry about his defensive work-rate.

The Fulham starlet does have his own set of limitations, though!

The player is quite raw and hence the finishing touch while crossing the ball is a bit too heavy at times. He often takes a second more than needed inside the box and that makes it a bit easier to mark him.

Does he make it into Jose’s plan then?

A Yes Deal

It should not be forgotten that Ryan Sessegnon is just seventeen years old. The young boy has plenty of time in front of him to improve his game and hence labelling him as a misfit for this Manchester United side would be wrong.

United’s options in the left back position are quite limited and Jose does not seem to trust most of his players to fill in there. Ashley Young is putting in good performances but the man needs rest too.

Signing Sessegnon would not only be a deal for the future but it would also demonstrate Manchester United’s insistence on going for talent rather than already proven stars, which they have been accused of lately.

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