Alonso To The Rescue: Chelsea Players Rated And Slated In Their Crucial Win Against Tottenham Hotspur

Antonio Conte was back to what we all know him as ‘normal’ as he jumped, hugged everyone around and celebrated Chelsea’s victory against a team which had never lost at home last season. Ironically, Chelsea lost to a team last weekend to Burnley at the Bridge, a team which had been the most homesick bunch last season.

Alonso’s double helped the Blues get their mojo back as they had looked clueless last time around. A stunning free kick, which could be termed nearly perfect and a late strike by the wing back ensured three points for the visitors. One can argue that Spurs barely did any wrong in the game, as they enjoyed possession, tested the Chelsea back 3 and very unlucky at times, especially when Kane hit a cross shot against the base of the post.

Alonso’s second goal’s shot had some venom in it, due to which Lloris committed a mistake, a save which he would have made 9 out of 10 times. Another piece of drama unfolded as the champions proved why they are the best in the league because not every victory can be prolific and majestic, one has to dig it out of thin air.

They were hard working, resilient and tough which resulted in a win, Spurs, on the other hand, were brilliant on both sides of the pitch, but as soon as possible, they need to get the Wembley monkey off their backs. Chelsea this game were riding on some individual performances and a good midfield. They certainly need some action from their frontmen to make it back to back glory.

Here are our Chelsea players’ ratings against Spurs –

Thibaut Courtois – 9/10

Made some good stops, saved 6+ shots which were all on target. Smothered away some awkward moving balls and collected well in dead ball situations, confidently. The own goal made him helpless and hence he can’t be blamed.

Andreas Christensen – 7/10

Didn’t look as confident, narrowed down too much on the attackers, lost his marker in key moments but for a first time in this defensive combination, organised himself well alongside Azpilicueta and Rudiger.

Antonio Rudiger – 8/10

Good strong tackler, threw the kitchen sink at it when required and made important and safe clearances. Looks a good buy, the German.

Cesar Azpilicueta – 8.5/10

Captain for today, leading by example. Organised the back 3 which included himself, got into good spaces and played key long balls, fought shoulder to shoulder with heavyweights like Dembele and Kane.

Also, closed down a lot of gap between Davies and the playmakers, choking them to playing back passes.

Victor Moses – 8/10

Played a free, natural and outbursting game. Didn’t panic in wide areas of attack, chased down players and made some confident runs up front.

Marcos Alonso – 9.5/10

A perfect free kick! A powerful second goal! He looked like he covered every inch of the left flank. Aerially got close to the back three when required, didn’t allow crosses to come in from his area, was fast enough to cover ground and a well-deserved man of the match performance.

Ngolo Kante – 9/10

Never has a bad game, does he?  One out of ten experts would say so. Energetic as always, made some important link ups on the left wing area, counter attacked like a beast and was hands down, the sharpest tackler on the pitch as always.

David Luiz – 9/10

Played the masked role, a tactical dummy by Antonio Conte. Had enormous work rate and intercepted way too many times for the liking of Spurs fans. Due to his role in midfield, Eriksen and Alli were deprived of the space and freedom in the centre.

Also, he initiated the counter attack by snatching the ball for the second goal and also claimed the free kick for the first.

Tiemoue Bakayoko – 7.5/10

Was the best in heading today, won the first ball every time when required while defending corners and crosses, but not as quick and reaction loaded as he let players run past him too easily and committed silly fouls.

Willian – 8/10

Not at his best, in the absence of Pedro (for most time) and Hazard, he needed to move the ball forward, which would help bodies getting forward.

Although Willian provided work rate as he always does, he didn’t drill into the Spurs back line, as he always does. However, sprung into life before he was subbed off.

Alvaro Morata – 6.5/10

Didn’t keep up with expectations, was well checked by Vertonghen and Toby. Missed a sitter in the early stages, lost the ball too many times and overall, wasn’t the threat he was in the previous week.

Substitutes – 

Pedro – 7/10

Just like every fresh leg, and like Pedro, sprinted every time a Spurs player had the ball around him. Showed a direct attitude full of energy but failed to make an impact. Welcome back, Pedro!

Michy Batshuayi – 6/10

Didn’t make good contact while defending a flying ball, which resulted in a well deserved Spurs equaliser. While counterattacking, lacked purpose.

Maybe he needed some time to get into the game, none the less, he made runs on the back of the defence, something which was essential.

The cavernous body is relaxed, best place LLC.

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