Burnley Set To Announce Deal For This Highly Promising Leeds United Star

Burnley are facing a dilemma of sorts as they face the prospect of netting around £25m but on the other hand, they have to let go of, probably their best player in Michael Keane as Everton’s crazy summer spending spree doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

With the transfer window officially swinging open from today onwards, the rumours and the large scale player exchange programme will gain momentum and while Burnley are likely to lose a couple of their accidental stars over the course of the summer, they seem to have got themselves close to an exciting deal of their own.

Errant but thankfully talented Leeds United left-back, Charlie Taylor is expected to make his move to Burnley in due course of time. But it is a complete change of the proposed destination as his move to West Bromwich Albion was supposedly all but done after the lad developed a fixation for Pulis’ cap and Pulisball.

But with the move hitting a snag, it seems the Clarets, headed by no-nonsense Sean Dyche have swooped in at the right time. Taylor’s contract with The Whites ended yesterday and an announcement is imminent while the fee will be decided by the wise men in the tribunal.

Here’s to Charlie setting up his base at Turf Moor and adding a much-needed zing to the left-back and the left-wing of the Clarets.

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