A Back 3 With A Strict Master: This And More Reasons For Chelsea’s Smashing Title Triump

Many had dismissed Chelsea when it came to the matters of the title race this season after their dismal performance last year and their loss, to Liverpool and Arsenal at home and away respectively, early on in the season.

But to everyone’s surprise, Conte’s men scripted a brilliant turnaround from there onward which saw them registering a thirteen game winning streak in the process and later on clinching the title with ease.

Let us take a look at the three key factors which thrust the London Blues to their 2nd title in 3 years.

1. The Back Three

Many managers have struggled to adapt the defensive back three in the Premier League. But Conte has surprised many with the skill and efficiency with which he utilised the method.

The Back three is a very popular tactic where there are essentially three central defenders and two wingbacks. The wingbacks essentially play a more attacking role when the team is attacking, giving support to their to the forwards and midfield and also provide the due coverage during the time of defence where they collaborate with the back three to form a 5 man defensive line.

It proved extremely effective when deployed at Emirates after they were 3 goals down against Arsenal and they did not concede for the rest of the game. There onwards, Conte went go on to register a 13 game winning streak with similar tactics.

Moses and Alonso were the key figures in materialising Conte’s back three philosophy. Both of them more or less ran riot on the wings making Chelsea an extremely lethal “Counter Attacking Team”.

2. Hazard & Kante’s Role

The 47-year old Italian quickly understood the quality Hazard possesses. First, he made the Belgian forward shed some weight and ripped him back into shape. Then he gave Hazard a more free role to roam around and change positions in the midfield.

We can say without a doubt that this season we have seen the best from Hazard. His charismatic dribbling with superb ball control and immaculate vision has provided Chelsea with 15 goals and 5 assists. Surely a game changer, this man has played a key role in Conte’s success.

Kante was one of the true architects in orchestrating Leicester’s inaugural Title triumph in 2016 and Chelsea were quick enough to understand that. They would register the African’s signature in the Summer.

Little did anyone realise that he would go on to establish himself as a central key figure even for Chelsea. Steaming up and down the pitch as an ever faithful servant he would prove to be the engine for the team. Hardly ever losing possession in the midfield he was the fuel that energised and galvanised the Chelsea midfield.

3.  A no-nonsense approach from Conte

After facing a turbulent start to his Premier League campaign the Italian quickly realised that there were certain players in the squad who had taken their place and position in the squad for granted. Conte swiftly took a stand on the matter and took a “no-nonsense approach” in benching stalwarts Ivanovic and Terry.

He even benched Hazard and also made Costa sit out a couple games when the Spanish striker had a spat with the gaffer at training.

This went on to establish Conte’s dominance as the Manager and also sent out a warning to all the other key players, that everyone had to earn their place and nothing would be taken for granted.

This resulted in building an enviable work ethic within the team and also instilling hunger and desire among every individual for success.

There are several other factors for Chelsea’s 2017 title triumph but one can safely say that the three points above are the most critical points for Conte’s title triumph this season.

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