Everton Looking To Bring This PL Legend Back ‘Home’: A Game Changer For The Toffees?

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As Wayne Rooney seems to draw a close to his career at Manchester United, interests from both domestic and foreign markets seem to be surmounting every day with his boyhood club Everton being at the forefront to sign the veteran striker.

With only a year left on his contract, Rooney is said to be valued at somewhere between £15m to £20m. Being riddled with injuries and plagued by fitness issues the Englishman has fallen out of favour at United.

With Ibrahimovic and Rashford preferred above the United stalwart, Rooney has found it difficult to get regular game time and adjust to Mourinho’s gameplay tactics, forcing the United man to search for friendlier shores.

Koeman seems to be highly interested in bringing the out of favour veteran striker to Goodison Park and is set to go on a full-blown pursuit for the United man to ward off interest from other clubs.

Let’s take a look at Rooney’s performance in the season gone by.

Wayne Rooney – Player Stats

The 31-year-old has seen a gradual decline in his goal scoring ability and skill up front over the years which has led to his outcast from the starting position with the Red Devils.

  • The ex-Everton striker has made 15 first team starts in his total of 25 appearances for the Club in the league last season, scoring only 5 goals and making 5 assists in the process. Surely, the United all-time leading goal scorer has seen a drastic decline in his goal scoring ability over the years and the facts point to that.
  • The player has a more than healthy pass average of 84% and has made 44 key passes for Manchester United in all competitions. Compared to his goal scoring ability, his eye-of-the-needle passing technique and eagle-eyed vision in creating chances are much better and vibrant. Time for the striker to attain a more central role in midfield one might suggest!
  • Not shy of defending, the veteran striker has made a total of 19 interceptions in all competitions for the Red Devils.
  • The only qualities that bemoan of the Englishman are his poor ball control and frequent loss of possession in the opponent’s half. Once known for his lethal speed and dribbling technique upfront, the striker has seen most of his runs being dissipated and disbursed in its nascent stage this season.  (Stats via WhoScored)

Although having a few blemishes on his otherwise spotless Resume, the Englishman would still be a quality addition to any team.

What’ll he bring to the Club?

With many key figures likely to see an exit, it would be an uphill task no doubt for Ronald Koeman to get his team on track and the addition of the United stalwart might just pave the way for the club’s rebuilding process.

Although not a prolific goal scorer that Rooney once used to be, still, one must not forget the experience and quality he would bring to the squad. With over 15 years of playing in the top flight and being one of the highly decorated players in the world, it would be a prized collection for Toffees.

Also with Rooney’s ability to play in various positions upfront and middle of the park would only give Koeman with the added versatility and dynamism that he requires in his team.

Worth the Money?

No doubt the player’s acquisition is more than value for money with the experience, skill and expertise the Englishman brings to the table and even for Rooney, it might script the most dramatic return of the Prodigal Son to his beloved boyhood club. With interest among Toffees being sky high on the probable acquisition of the United veteran, it would surely be a sensational move.

But would United want to sell Rooney to a Premier League club or would he be sold to the Chinese Super League is something that we would have to wait and watch.

One of the most interesting transfer sagas of this summer, certainly!

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