5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Tottenham Hotspur Star Harry Kane

Harry Kane has slowly emerged as the poster boy of English football in recent years. The Tottenham striker, who was often criticized for being overweight early on in his career is now regarded as one of the best forwards in world football, thanks to his remarkable performances in the Premier League for the past three-four seasons.

But did you know he was a former member of the Arsenal academy? Here are five things you didn’t know about the Tottenham superstar?

#5 He plays Fortnite

Fortnite has taken the gaming community by storm, with many athletes and superstars conforming to the highly addictive battle royale in recent months. And Harry Kane is no exception.

The Tottenham star posted a short video of him playing Fortnite last month, where the English international was teaming up with Dele Alli as he sniped a target from 254 metres. Much like his accuracy in front of goal, Kane was absolutely on target on this occasion. Here’s for the victory royale!

#4 He’s passionate about golf!

Harry Kane is fond of golf and is a huge fan of Irish professional golfer Rory Mcllroy. The former World number one influenced Kane from an early age and Kane, himself, has posted several photos of him playing golf. In fact, he has a bit of a sibling rivalry with his brother Charlie Kane!

#3 He can be easily confused with his brother

Speaking of Charlie Kane, the older of the Kanes is almost a doppelganger of Harry and can be easily mistaken for the Tottenham star. In fact, according to his older brother, he has even signed autographs to fans, who were convinced he was Harry!

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