Football Players Who Are Considered Professional Players in Online Games

Plenty of football stars enjoy spending their free time playing online games. After playing football matches in the best leagues and competitions in the world, many participate in web games to relax. Some of them even game on the highest level, having streams with millions of followers. Besides that, football stars even play online casino games, and some are huge gambling enthusiasts. They may not be allowed to bet on events in which they take part, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the most popular casino content.

Tune in further and discover which football players are considered professionals in various online games.

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr is definitely among the best pro football players of his generation. Despite his astonishing soccer skills, he is serious about playing CS: GO. He often enjoys meeting up with his teammates and running competitive CS: GO games. Other than having more than 170 million followers on Instagram, 1.7 million support him on the Twitch channel. PSG star often streams his gameplay for the audience with his outstanding PC set-up.

When he is not CS: GO player, Neymar has a passion for another online game and that is poker. He used to post many videos of his poker gameplay for fun. In fact, his love for poker caught the attention of a big Poker brand, so he got offered a sponsorship deal. Moreover, professional gamers always choose the most popular online casinos, where a hundred percent win awaits them. So Neymar often participates in many online casino events, as he is a brand ambassador of a big poker company. Not only that he often participates in online events, but he also likes to attend huge live competitions

However, CS: GO is his favorite game, and he did an amazing grenade celebration when he scored a goal at the World Cup. He also enjoys other popular titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Since he is a big football star, it would be strange not to see him play soccer games like FIFA. As you’d expect he also excels in this EA title.

Mario Balotelli

When it’s about players who are gambling enthusiasts, Mario Balotelli must be mentioned. He is not famous for big online game titles played on the PC and consoles. However, he loves spending time at a casino. In all likelihood, he even plays online, much like other athletes. Mario Balotelli’s favorite online games are slots and poker. Moreover, besides his online casino gameplay, he is seen at a couple of Italian land-based casinos. In fact, Mario is known for spending over 200,000 dollars on gambling in one year. But that doesn’t stop gamers like him to continue pursuing the entertainment and excitement of online games.

Diogo Jota

Besides the amazing career of Diogo Jota at Liverpool FC, he belongs among football players who are excellent at web games. Unlike pro football players who play for leisure, the Portuguese star is the very best at it. His primary dominates in FIFA. Diego managed to achieve 1st place in the weekend league competition where the best gamers in the world contend. That is quite impressive since it is one of the hardest modes of FIFA. So Jota formed an esports crew to play competitively against other professional groups. This only goes to show just how seriously people take eSports, and that they are willing to invest big in this new wave of entertainment.

Sergio Aguero

Another favorite football player who is considered a pro gamer is Sergio Aguero. He suffered for some time from injuries but took it as an advantage to practice his gaming skills. His streaming channels kept millions of fans entertained while he was recovering. Even though he couldn’t manage to maintain his soccer career due to heart problems, he still keeps playing games at the highest level.

Mesut Ozil

A playmaker had a hard time in the Arsenal squad, and plenty of people thought that he would stop playing football. And this could have happened since his thoughts were focused on playing online games. There were plenty of videos showing Ozil having some of the toughest parties in Fortnite. That exactly showed how professional he became as a gamer since he showed amazing skills in those videos. So people often assumed that he was practicing surviving games on his console when he wasn’t included in the matchday squad. But even so, a famous player joined the Fenerbahce squad later, where he continued his soccer career.

Wayne Rooney

Getting back to the gambling enthusiasts, a former star of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, enjoys visiting casinos. The striker has won a couple of titles during his football career and was among the best attackers in the world. He is famous among gamblers, as he regularly plays various casino titles and also participates in betting. He used to compete with his teammate Michael Owen many times, who is also a gambling fan. What is more, Rooney even faced a problem with gambling which led him to debt at some point. However, he got it controlled nowadays and does it for fun only.


Many pro footballers enjoy the thrill of playing games on the web. Some stars like Diego Jota are considered professionals at it. Moreover, pro players like Neymar and Aguero even have stream channels with millions of followers. That shows that besides their soccer skills, they dominate at certain web games. After all, who can blame them, many young adults find it hard to resist the charms offered by AAA titles. Gaming is a unique form of entertainment and art and provides a unique experience for the players.

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